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African mobile startup Carry1st raises $2.5m

African mobile startup Carry1st raises $2.5m - Appy Pie

Gaming development company Carry1st has raised an amount of USD 2.5 million led by CRE Venture Capital, bringing the company’s total funding raised to $4 million. Carry1st plans to use these funds to invest in game publishing across Africa. Carry1st aims matching gaming demand in Africa for the youth population. This is possible in the continent due to the improving internet penetration and rapid smartphone adoption by the youth there.

Carry1st will use a portion of its funding to bring in unique content onto its platform. The company also plans to expand its distribution channels, partnerships with mobile operators, and the Carry1st Brand Ambassador program — a network of sales agents who promote and sell games across the continent. There are plans that CRE Venture Capital managing partner Pardon Makumbe will join the Carry1st board.

The publisher has plans in place to partner with the international studios to launch multiple games in the year 2020 and enhance its audience base to over a million monthly active users. The company also has plans to build a local publisher, with differentiated tech and operating capabilities across marketing, distribution, and monetization is the way to be this bridge.

That move involves a lot more than just developing and distributing games originating from the continent. The step will also serve as a channel for gaming content from other continents coming into the African continent.

As per reports, there are further notable contributions for Carry1st coming from Perivoli Innovations, Chandaria Capital, Lateral Capital, Transsion’s Future Hub, and Kam Kronenberg II.

Carry1st was co-founded in the year 2018 with its offices in New York, Lagos, and South Africa, by Cordel Robbin-Coker, Lucy Parry, and software engineer Tinotenda Mundangepfupfu.

Robbin-Coker, co-founder and CEO, Carry1st said, “We are pleased to partner with CRE and our investor group to accelerate this vision. We’re looking to be the number one regional publisher of gaming content in the region, the publisher of record, and the app store.”

He added, “The Company wishes to dedicate a minimum of USD 1,000,000 to going out and buying customers and increasing our consumer base. We launched with the concept that we needed to deliver the gaming business to the African continent.”

Social gaming is the largest and fastest-growing form of mobile media, grossing more than three times all other app categories combined.

While talking about the expansion Carry1st’s CEO said, “Gaming is a hit-driven business. A single studio will work in obscurity for a decade and then they’ll make Candy Crush, which would soon be worth USD 6 billion, very quickly,”

To attract gaming aspirants the company’s co-founder Lucy Parry has been directing them to the company’s homepage. He remarks, “There’s a big blue button that says ‘Pitch Your Game’ at the bottom of our website.”

The company has already launched two games as direct downloads from its site, Carry1st Trivia and Hyper.

Robbin-Coker said, “In April, Carry1st Trivia did pretty well. It was the number one game in Nigeria, and Kenya for most of the year and did about one and a half million downloads.”


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