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YouTube Kids app now available on Apple TV

YouTube Kids app now available on Apple TV - Appy Pie

The YouTube Kids app, a special child-friendly version of the YouTube app with additional parental controls, is available on Apple TV.

 The app can now be viewed on Apple TV streaming boxes with the Gen 4 and Gen 5 4K versions of the Apple TV. Initially, users were allowed to use AirPlay to stream content from their iPhone or iPad to Apple TV however, this is the first time the company has launched a native Apple TV app for their service.

The YouTube Kids on Apple TV can be set up by just installing the app. The users will be told to sign in into their YouTube accounts. After signing in, they can simply follow the prompts on Apple TV and access the YouTube Kids app. After signing in, the user’s parental controls and setting will be transferred to the YouTube Kids experience on Apple TV.

The listing sent out by YouTube, video platform stated that safety controls still need to be controlled and managed via the mobile version of the YouTube Kids app.

YouTube Kids was created for children as a safer version of YouTube with a restricted Mode for violent and ineligible content. YouTube Kids can be restricted to specific videos and channels approved by parents allowing kids to search for anything within legitimacy.

YouTube Kids has so far been using a combination of automated filters, parent reviews, and feedbacks to offer safety and privacy for kids to watch videos to make it’s the brand more family-oriented.

YouTube Kids had launched as an app in the year 2015 to provide selected and curated content for children of all ages. YouTube also rolled out the app to various smart TVs and in a due course launched a desktop version.

The company has divided YouTube Kids into four different sections – Recommended, Shows, Music, and Learning. As per the company’s claims, these sections carry organized content that is suitable for kids. YouTube Kids lets parents set control limits on long their kids can watch videos on the platform. The app also allows parents to set up user profiles for their kids, and tailor the selections accordingly.

Even though YouTube uses a large number of filters criticism has been prevailing against the company for allowing inappropriate content on the video platform for kids.

Since its inception in the year 2015, the company has largely been improving its policies and procedures and has added a variety of features and improved parental controls to take care of the privacy issue. They have even nurtured a safe and entertaining experience for kids to use the app on their own.

In the year 2018, YouTube allowed parents to restrict content to human-approved videos. Last year, YouTube put in place disabled comments feature on videos to stop voracious behavior, and the company also signed a pact with the Federal Trade Commission over violations of the Children’s Online Privacy Act (COPPA) to pay USD 170 million, if it violated child privacy laws. The platform has always been dealing with child-exploitative videos camouflaged as child-friendly videos on its website.