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Google introduces a simplified Gmail settings menu

Google introduces a simplified Gmail settings menu - Appy Pie

Google has introduced a new simplified quick settings menu in Gmail that aims at helping users browse, discover, and use different themes and settings for personalized user experience.  Google began to release the new feature on May 26, and will likely take up to fifteen days for it to completely rollout and be visible to all Gmail users.  The new Quick Settings menu will allow desktop users to change the email interface easily. They can now alter features like the density of the text, change inbox type, and add reading panes and theme to the inbox.

The Quick Settings menu is being rolled out for all G Suite customers and all Gmail users with personal accounts. The feature will be enabled by default for all the users and they will not need any admin privilege to access it.

Initially, it was complicated to change the feel and look of Gmail as users had to visit settings to do so and if the user wanted to change the Gmail interface theme or density he would click the Gear icon and choose the relevant option to change theme or density. Now, the company has introduced a new Quick Settings menu for the convenience of its users to help them make the changes as per their choice to the web interface with ease.

With the introduction of the new set menu now on the users will know that the options exist unlike before when it was hidden in Gmail settings. The new setting will also save the users of the pain of forth and back switching between Gmail settings. Users will also have an option to personalize the Gmail interface.

The company shared the animation of its new settings menu displaying the changes introduced in a blog post. The animation shows that Google has moved the gear icon from where it was located until now and placed it between the Google Apps launcher icon and the Support icon.

During the announcement of the new feature the company stated, “We’re adding a quick settings menu that helps you easily find and use different layouts, settings, and themes to make Gmail look and feel right for you.”

The announcement further said, “We’re making these options easier to find and letting you explore them in real-time, so your actual inbox will update immediately to show you exactly what the setting will do. We hope this makes it easier to set up Gmail the way that works best for you.” 

The users don’t have to worry over any issues related to the old settings option as the Quick Settings menu doesn’t disrupt access to Gmail’s full settings screen. The old settings option will still be available to the users after they click on the See all settings button at the top of the new Quick Settings menu.


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