YouTube introduces a new feature for easier navigation

YouTube introduces a new feature for easier navigation - Appy Pie

YouTube has rolled out a new feature called “Chapters” making it easier for users to navigate through longer videos. This feature was soft-launched by YouTube in April and now rolling out it to more users.

The company announced the move on Twitter. It a highly innovative new feature for both creators and viewers and it will be very easy for YouTube users now on to navigate longer videos.

The feature is a simple but highly recommendable for YouTubers. To use the feature the person uploading a longer video will need to add timestamps within the description or put captions to appear on the Chapters then YouTube will automatically break up the video timeline into Chapters.

The viewers while viewing the video can scrub through using a mouse. By doing so they’ll see the title of the chapters and can select an individual chapter they are looking for or are interested in. Viewers can also click on chapters to jump to a specific part of a video to view it. Chapters will be visible at the bottom of the video player and show timestamps from the video description.

Moreover, to make it all the easier for viewers to use the feature, YouTube has also included haptic feedback support on mobile. This will help views to spot Chapters for their choice. As per YouTube, the app will give a slight thump to alert the user when they are move to any new chapters and also the video platform will use a snapping mechanism for the mobile devices that do not support the haptic feedback. However, for this feature to function, videos will need to have at least three timestamps that are 10 seconds or more in length.

YouTube said that this new feature received positive feedback during testing but the company has slightly modified it. The feature now has increased the number of supported chapters across the device, which is based on the available screen space.

This Chapters feature was introduced by YouTube to fix the trouble for people uploading or viewing long term videos. Content creators on the video platform till now usually struggled in striking a balance between videos of long and short formats. Many video creators prefer longer format, especially for conferences, interviews, and study sessions. So far the interface on the video platform for longer videos has always been confusing and hasn’t been user-friendly. It has always been a trouble for viewers to scroll to a particular section of the video they want to watch.

The new feature now proves YouTube to be a better resource for long-format videos by making it less cumbersome to navigate videos. This feature will also increase user engagement as viewers can skip parts they don’t want to see.  However, this feature may lead to Youtube videos viewing time going down as viewers will only watch some sections of the video rather than the entire video.


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