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TikTok lays out a plan to promote black creators after accusation of censorship

TikTok lays out a plan to promote black creators after accusation of censorship - Appy Pie

TikTok, a Chinese video-sharing social networking service owned by ByteDance, has laid out a plan of action to address criticisms that its recommendation algorithm suppresses black creators.

While unveiling a series of actions the company has planned to address criticism and said that these steps comprise launching a creator diversity council. This council aims at recognizing and uplifting the voices driving culture, creativity, and important conversations on its platform.

TikTok also has plans to build a new user-friendly appeals process, reassess its moderation strategies, and develop a new portal for expanding the company’s opportunities for the video creating a community to give them the leverage to have freedom on the platform.

Talking about the new user-friendly appeals process and defending it move TikTok gave details saying, “We can additionally reassess moderation methods, construct a new user-friendly appeals course, and also develop a new creator portal for enhancing communications and opportunities for our broader video creating community.”

The company further revealed that it plans to contribute a sum of USD 3 million to non-profit organizations that assist the black community and about USD 1 million contributions to address racial injustice and inequality and differences faced by the black community.

A company listing stated, “We appreciate being held accountable. We know that getting to a place of trust will take work, but we are dedicated to doing our part as we continue to foster a space where everyone is seen and heard.”

TikTok confirmed that it will shut down the sounds web page on its platform, and switch off all playlists to observe a moment of reflection and action. TikTok stated that it will stand in solidarity with the Black community by taking part in BlackOut Tuesday event, a day of activity against racial oppression planned by the music industry.

Last month, TikTok users had begun changing their profile photos to the black power symbol to protest censorship by black creators. TikTok users also unfollowed other users who did not support the movement. As per senior executives of the company TikTok suffered a technical issue shortly after dispute across the country opposing police brutality.

TikTok had also restricted the search for hashtags like #acab, #BlackLivesMatter, and #GeorgeFloyd. Users wouldn’t even present up when looking for such tags.

In December 2019 last year, video-sharing social networking service TikTok had admitted that it suppressed videos of queer, fat, and disabled creators. The company also subdued videos of people with autism, birthmarks, Down syndrome, or squints stating that such creators are vulnerable and exposed to cyberbullying.