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Apple Is Trying To Limit Third-Party Tracking

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Recently, Apple has been trying to limit ad tracking on their apps. Even though they have made some progress in trying to stop it, there is some still that goes on. Apple has been trying especially hard to stop the tracking on children’s apps. Children are more vulnerable and more willing to give up information that could cause some consequences. At the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple is reportedly announcing some new limitations for kids’ apps dealing with third-party tracking.

Ad tracking is when third-parties will gather information about someone’s browsing history, phone habits, searches, etc. They use this information to target people and try to get them to offer up more information or purchase services/goods. For example, if you recently search camping, you might see ads about camping gear. A children’s IOS app called Curious World, according to Wall Street Journal’s Joanna Stern, apparently was sending her child’s information to Facebook. It sent information like his name, age, and books. The app claimed it was a glitch in their system. Stern found, with her colleague, trackers in 79 out of 80 iPhone apps, so was it really a glitch?

Other people have been finding out about their information being shared without their consent or knowledge. Geoffrey Fowler, a technologist columnist at the Washington Post, reported that some of his apps were sending out his location and phone number to marketing companies.

Apple seems to be making more effort into proving their claim “privacy matters”, but we don’t know if their efforts will prevail. We will hopefully get more information from the WWDC. Let’s hope Apple does something to protect their users information, especially when it comes to children’s information.


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