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iOS 13 Blocking Spam Calls


Apple’s iOS 13 will help with blocking spam calls. Instead of installing a separate app to blocking unwanted calls, iOS 13 will automatically do this for people. All unknown numbers will be silenced automatically and sent to voicemail.

Many spam callers will make the number look local so people will pick up. Apple encourages people to “use Siri intelligence to allow calls to ring your phone from numbers in Contacts, Mail, and Messages.” If Siri doesn’t detect the number in any of those places, it will automatically direct the caller to voicemail.

This new feature can either be turned on or off. If you decide to enable it, you will be relieved from being bothered by spam callers. Your phone won’t even vibrate, ring or give you a notification on your phone. The caller will just be sent straight to voicemail.

This new feature should be very popular. This feature is not for everyone though. If you receive calls from strangers daily for your work, Apple does not recommend leaving this enabled. Besides for that select few, look forward to this new solution for spam calling.


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