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Walmart Delivering Groceries Right to Your Fridge

New Scanning Technology

Walmart is going to offer a new service called InHome Service in selected cities. Customers will have the option to have their groceries delivered straight to their fridge when they are not at home. Workers will wear cameras when making deliveries. Customers will be able to watch deliveries made by Walmart employees, while they use “smart entry technology”, as well control access.

InHome services will be available to over one million customers in selected cities by this fall. These cities include: Kansas City, Missouri; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Vero Beach, Florida. Details like fees/costs or how employees will be able to get into customers’ home have not been released. A similar service was launched by Amazon partnered with August Home. It only lasted one year though.

Extensive training will be required for Walmart employees who will be making deliveries. They will be trained on how to “treat customers” homes with the same care and respect with which they treat a friend’s or family’s home.” Another thing they will be trained on is how to “organize the most efficient refrigerator.”

Customer’s will also be able to return items from by leaving them on their counter for InHome Services workers to pick up.

Walmart has been working on competing with their competitors. They recently integrated the one-day delivery service and now are offering this InHome services.


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