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Facebook to Limit Spread of Extremist Pages and Groups

Facebook to Limit Spread of Extremist Pages and Groups - Appy Pie

Facebook has announced that the company will limit the spread of extremist pages and groups that contain the word, “boogaloo.” “Boogaloo” is an internet slang used in some far-right extremist circles to refer to the idea of an impending second American Civil War. Facebook says it will no longer recommend boogaloo pages and groups to users and is demoting them in search results.

The boogaloo term has more recently evolved into a disjointed anti-government movement with various and at times conflicting views. The change was made on June 2nd. On May 1st, Facebook updated its Violence and Incitement policy to ban boogaloo and similar terms when used with images or statements depicting armed violence.

Tech Transparency Project (TTP) report found 125 boogaloo Facebook groups with more than 72,000 members combined. More than 60 percent of the groups were created in the three months before the report was published. “In several private boogaloo Facebook groups that TTP was able to access, members discussed tactical strategies, combat medicine, and various types of weapons, including how to develop explosives and the merits of using flame throwers,” the report said.

The decision comes after the FBI arrested three men in Nevada who self-identified with the boogaloo movement on terrorism-related charges for plotting to incite violence at an anti-police protest in Las Vegas. More and more self-described boogaloo members, many of which are also gun rights advocates, are using protests against racism and police brutality as cover to promote anti-government demonstrations involving displays of firearms.

The term “boogaloo” draws inspiration from the title of the 1984 movie “Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo”, according to a separate Network Contagion Institute report. “As adopted by meme culture, the term is often used by libertarians, gun enthusiasts, and anarchists to describe an uprising against the government or left-wing political opponents that is a near-mirror copy, or sequel to, the American Civil War.”