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Google Maps Releases New Safety Feature

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Google Maps seems to be taking more efforts into protecting their customers’ safety. A new feature has been released that will notify you if your car or taxi starts to wonder or deviate off the selected route. If the route is deviated by more than 500 meters, it will notify you. This feature is only available in India right now though.

After you have selected your destination but without having to start the navigation, you can access this feature under the ‘stay safer’ menu. You just need to click on ‘off-route alerts’.

It is obvious that this new feature was made specifically as a safety feature by the way Google labels it. It is like a warning sign for passengers if their driver goes off course. Getting warnings is helpful to passengers, even if there is a legitimate reason why the driver is taking a different route, like traffic or whatnot. This feature can also help passengers who have been tricked into paying more because their driver took a longer route in order to charge their passenger more money.

We do not know if Google Maps plans on releasing this in other countries besides India. Google has released two-Indian specific features in the past week. One provides in-depth information about public transportation and the other one provides flood warnings in the country.


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