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New Version of Shazam

New Version of Shazam

Shazam is a very popular app use to help find names of songs by listening to them. Shazam did not work through earphones, you would have to play it over a speaker or microphone of some sort. However, you can hear to Shazam through earphones, but only on Android devices.

This new Android version of Shazam is called Pop-up Shazam. When Pop-up Shazam is used it appears as a floating icon in your phone’s UI. It will show up at the top of the screen you’re on and then once the song is identified, it can show the lyrics as well. This feature can be enabled in the user’s app settings.

This new version has been tested out using a variety of different applications like YouTube and Spotify, and it has worked. But unfortunately, this new version is not available on iOS devices.

Even though Apple bought back Shazam in 2018, the new version is not accessible. This just shows how strict Apple is with their apps. One of Apple’s policies is not allowing background apps to have access to audio playing through a different app.


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