Target is Now Offering One-Day Delivery

Target is Now Offering One-Day Delivery

One-day delivery is becoming more and more popular and more businesses are trying to integrate it. Target has now jumped aboard the one-day delivery train. US customers can now have the option for $9.99 one-day delivery with orders over $35, or get it for free if they are a member of Shipt, a shopping app that Target is integrated with.

Target is trying to compete with Walmart and Amazon and Shipt is trying to help. Shipt is a shopping app that costs $99 a year where members can place an order and then pay for someone to pick it up and deliver it to them.

Target customers can now use Shipt’s service even without being a member. Target offers the one-day delivery through their website and customers can also use their Target benefits, like the REDcard that wouldn’t be offered through Shipt itself. This service is available in most metropolitan areas with some exceptions.

Ever since Target started integrating Shipt, about a year ago, they have been building this one-day delivery service. Shipt has opened up a lot of opportunities for Target.


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