Comcast Reports a New Eye-Control Function

Comcast Reports a New Eye-Control Function

Comcast has been working on a feature that will help people with physical disabilities to control their TV with their eyes. With this new X-1 cable platform, customers will be able to change channels, pull up the X1 programming guide, set DVR recordings, and navigate through other menus of the cable box all by using just their eyes.

This new feature Comcast has created will change watching TV for so many people into an easier and more enjoyable experience. In order to make sure this new platform is as accessible as possible, Comcast is supporting almost all, if not all, the popular eye gaze hardware and software on the market, which includes Tobii and Sip-and-Puff. The president of Tobii, Tara Rudnicki, praises Comcast by saying, “we are pleased to see how Comcast continues to make their products and solutions accessible.”

How does it work? Customers need to link their cable account to their Comcast’s web-based remote control, by signing into their account. Once they have connected these two accounts they just need to gaze at a button they wish to push and the web-based control will send the command to their TV. Customers will also be able to type out X-1 voice commands with their eyes, except core function, like a channel request or searching show genres.

The video below shows a Comcast customer, Jimmy Curan, with Spinal Muscular Atrophy using the new eye controlling platform. Curan was one of the fist customers to test out this new feature. He is excited about this new system because “technology is enabling me to be more independent.”

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Many cable operating companies have functions like readouts of what is on the television screen, larger button remotes, voice controls, and narration of channels, but no one has an eye-control function like Comcast. There is hope that more companies will start to incorporate this new eye-control option.


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