Twitch Studio software launches on Mac in beta

Twitch Studio software launches on Mac in beta - Appy Pie

Twitch has launched its streaming software, Twitch Studio broadcasting for macOS in open beta. This software will make it easier for users to stream live directly to Twitch, now from a Mac as well as Windows devices.

As per Twitch, the new software will be the company’s all-in-one streaming software designed with new creators in mind and it will offer a fast way to set up and become live on Twitch

Twitch remarked in a blog post which the company released to announce the launch, “Since the beta’s launch in November 2019, we have added new features based on feedback from the community, like one-click green screen set up and Chrome capture,”

The post further said, “We have heard from several creators, especially creators of music and creative content, that we needed to bring Twitch Studio to more devices. We are excited to announce that we have taken the next step forward and we are rolling out the Twitch Studio Beta on Mac.”

The Twitch Studio platform allows video and audio streamers to easily share data, interact with audience members, and also customize the look of their streams by adding multiple audio devices. The user can even mix up their content by connecting to an iPhone or iPad and sharing the screens to their stream. This new software also enables users to stream directly on Twitch and provides them with an instinctive experience when setting up their stream.

Twitch Studio was initially launched only for Windows. However, now Twitch is expanding to Mac also. Twitch Studio has been optimized by Twitch to make it easy to use. The new Twitch studio has built-in alerts, chat integration, and comes with a set of customization options that help to make a streaming broadcast noticeable and the best. Live streaming software Streamlabs OBS came to Mac in March, but Twitch Studio is far simpler.

Twitch Studio comes with a guided onboard, automatic hardware detection. It also provides recommended settings, for the best quality streaming. The in-built desktop audio capture capability allows users to easily share audio from a web browser or system directly to their stream, without any extra configuration required.

The fact remains true that the Covid-19 attracted many more users to streaming and the company took this as an advantage to update its platform. The company says it has plans to further improve the experience for current users and new streamers.

At the beginning of June this year, Twitch received takedown notices aiming at year-old clips that contained copyrighted music. Twitch agreed to with the takedowns and also issued many copyright strikes against viewers.

The base Twitch app has been available on iOS and macOS, the platform debuted on Apple TV public beta app in September 2019, before officially launching in October 2019. Twitch, a subsidiary of Amazon, was introduced in June 2011 as a spin-off of the general-interest streaming platform. Twitch platform supports content like e-sports tournaments, streams of individual players, and gaming-oriented talk shows.


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