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New Feature Added to PowerPoint to Help With Public Speaking

New Feature Added to PowerPoint to Help With Public Speaking

In order to help people enhance their PowerPoint presentations, Microsoft is adding a feature, called Presenter Coach, that will guide users through the presentations. This artificial intelligence assistant in PowerPoint, will give you feedback during rehearsal mode of your presentation. It works by listening through your computers microphone and sending pop up messages of advice. Some of the advice might be providing filler words, altering you if you’re using stutter words like ‘um’ too much, or providing you with better vocabulary.

Presenter Coach will also catch you if you swear and suggest you do not use vulgar language. It will also highlight statements that may be culturally insensitive and suggest you take them out. If you seem to be lazily reading off the slides, the coach will alert you too. At the end of the presentation PowerPoint will create a report of your performance. This feature was added to PowerPoint because a lot of users were saying “they want an easy way to practice their presentations to improve their public speaking abilities.”

This new feature will only appear during rehearsal mode, not during your actual presentation. You won’t have to worry about getting any pop-ups during your real time presentation. This new feature is planned to be released and available sometime this summer.

New designer tools are also being improved on PowerPoint. These new improvements will help you spice up your presentations.


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