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Augmented Reality Make-Up Try On

Google Fined $170 Million for Child Privacy Violations

Augmented reality makeup will be available on YouTube, this summer. Google wants to use this AR like an interactive ad. If someone is watching a beauty guru on YouTube and wants to try on the makeup they are using, they will be able to do it with the new “Virtual Try-on” feature. This feature will allow users to see how they would look in a makeup product. Mac Cosmetics is the first brand to launch a campaign with this new augmented reality beauty try on.

Google’s goal with this new feature is to grab more people’s attention compared to a non-interactive video ad. During the testing of this feature, the company reports that 30 percent of people who encountered the ad, interacted with it. The average time people spent on with the interactive experience was 80 seconds. It is unknown if people interacted with the AR ad because it is something new and different or if they were genuinely interested in the product.

However, Google is not the first company to do something like this. Facebook and Snapchat have done very similar things, as well as Warby Parker, a glasses company. But, YouTube has an advantage with this new feature because of the massive beauty community it has on its platform, and the viewers are most likely already interested in the product if they are watching a video on it.


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