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IKEA launches global design tech platform to experiment with home designing

IKEA launches global design tech platform to experiment with home designing - Appy Pie

Furniture giant IKEA has launched a web platform for design and technology experts to come up with ideas on digital homes. The platform is backed by IKEA and its research lab SPACE10

This platform will collect some interesting technology and design studios to showcase a series of digital experiments that explore new ways to interact with our living spaces.

Developed by IKEA’s research and design lab Space 10, the platform uses technologies like AI (artificial intelligence), augmented reality, machine learning, and spatial intelligence to experiment virtually with home designing.

The participating studios and designers include Bakken & Baeck, Field, Random Studio, ManvsMachine, CIRG, Philip Pries Hennigsen, Stromlin, Set Snail, Alonso Holmes and TimiOyedeji, among others.

These experiments will work with the help of an optical sound system with speculative design prototypes using AR application to see music within an environment. It will also find new ways to use, optimize, and transform spaces using the AR app to scan walls and reveal new ways to create shelves in the space available in homes. The initiative will further help to showcase innovative designs to develop new ways of redesigning homes spaces.

The initiative by the company will bring design and technology studios together to enable them to discuss and engage new partnerships. The Space 10 joint experiments have been developed to provide a better everyday life at home for people.

Another experiment involved is creating new initiatives for old furniture. The app will use simple tools like allowing a light bulb to inform about air pollution, use sunrise or sunset to open or shut window blinds

Bas Van De Poel, creative director, Space10, said, “Home, these days, plays an important role in how we develop our everyday interactions and relationships. It is not only the place where we live but the place where we work, teach our children and where we connect with the world digitally. We believe, the more we learn about the next curve of design and technological innovations, the more we can help people to make tomorrow’s life at home, and with each other, even better.”

Fredrik Axen, Digital Manager Core Business Franchise, Inter IKEA Systems BV added, “The future home should be about people first. It’s a place for everyone to be safe, to feel comfortable, and in control. Being a values-driven brand, we focus on people and planet.  As we enter a new digital era, we are also exploring new ways to create a better everyday life at home, while protecting people’s privacy.”

IKEA designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances and home accessories, among other useful goods and occasionally home services. In 2016, IKEA ventured into the smart home business. IKEA brand is known to use technology to its best. On 12 September 2017, IKEA came up with IKEA Place, an augmented reality app, which helps consumers visualize true to scale IKEA products into real environment. This further led to Apple’s release of its ARkit technology and iOS 11.  


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