Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Game Launched Early
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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Game Launched Early

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game is now out, two days earlier than expected. This game created by Niantic Labs, Pokemon Go’s creator, is an augmented reality game based off of the Harry Potter universe. The game consists of a virtual map that players go around on and collect magical artifacts from the world of Harry Potter.

The new AR game was said to be available Friday the 21st in the UK and US, but it was released early, at least in the US. It is not known if the new game is available in the UK. US users should have no problem downloading the game via IOS or Android.

Australia and New Zealand had access to Wizards Unite in Beta back in May. Now US fans can finally download the game and start playing it, and a day early!

It is not unexpected that the game launched early. For mobile games it is normal for the game to be available at different times/days in different regions. Same thing happened with Pokemon Go back in 2016. The United States was just blessed with the game earlier than the expected launch date.