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Facebook acquires Lone Echo’s developer Ready At Dawn Studios

Facebook acquires Lone Echo’s developer Ready At Dawn Studios - Appy Pie

Facebook announced that it has acquired Ready At Dawn Studios, the developer behind Lone Echo series of virtual reality games as well as console games like The Order: 1888.

This move is a part of Facebook’s game studio acquisition spree over the past year. Over the time Facebook has bought developers behind popular VR titles.

As the company’s acquisition of Ready at Dawn Studios, the developer behind the Lone Echo games, one of Oculus’s most successful series was announced it notably did not give any updates on the status of Lone Echo II.

Ready at Dawn Studios has been working with Facebook and Oculus as a publishing partner, this acquisition brings the team into the Oculus fold. With the acquisition, the studio will also gain access to the same resources as Facebook and the Oculus Studios team. Facebook said that they will be bringing the entire team onboard. The studio will continue operating independently from its own Irvine, California and Portland, Oregon offices.

Mike Verdu, the vice president of AR/VR content at Facebook said in a blog post said, “Ready At Dawn’s storytelling and innovation DNA were on full display in Lone Echo and set the standard for VR narrative adventure, showcasing how virtual reality offers players more immersive, memorable, and emotionally charged experiences.”

Ready at Dawn was founded in 2003. In 2017, Ready at Dawn had entered into a partnership with Facebook’s Oculus Studios. Before fully embracing VR, Ready at Dawn was developing console titles including several licensed games in the God of War series. Ready At Dawn has a long history in videogames, with titles like Daxter and The Order: 1886. Other than Lone Echo the company also offers multiplayer videogames like Echo Arena and Echo Combat.

CEO and creative director at Ready at Dawn Ru Weerasuriya tweeted, “Nearly 17 years ago, we embarked on a journey to build a game studio. Along the way, we innovated on genres, experiences, games, and platforms. Today, we are excited to join the Facebook family as we open a new chapter in our story and continue to pursue our passions.”

In November last year, Facebook had acquired Beat Games, the developer of a popular Virtual Reality rhythm game called Beat Saber. Then in February this year, Facebook had acquired Sanzaru Games, the developer behind the best virtual reality game Asgard’s Wrath. The acquisitions have helped Facebook strengthen the exclusive content for its VR headsets.