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Microsoft to shut down streaming platform Mixer to partner with Facebook Gaming

Microsoft to shut down streaming platform Mixer to partner with Facebook Gaming - Appy Pie

Mixer, the video game live streaming platform of Microsoft will be shutting down. The company has signed a deal with Facebook to migrate current live streamers to Facebook Gaming.

Microsoft will transition the Mixer community over the next few weeks. Starting from July 22, all Mixer sites and apps will redirect users to Facebook Gaming.

The Partners of Mixer will be provided with partner status on Facebook Gaming also, and as per Microsoft, “Facebook will match existing agreements streamers had with Mixer as closely as possible.”

Facebook said that it would honor all existing agreements as closely as possible. Mixer viewers along with the platforms currency or channel subscriptions will get an Xbox Gift Card as compensation. The Facebook Gaming team said, “We are committed to creating tools that empower creators to earn their best living on the platform.”

This deal brings together two big names in the gaming world in a partnership that could challenge, Amazon’s Twitch, the leader of the industry.

Microsoft’s struggle to reach the scale needed for Mixer to compete with Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming has led to today’s decision.

Microsoft had attempted to enter the booming video game streaming market with Mixer. The company acquired the platform in 2016 less than a year after its launch as Beam. Microsoft already being a major player in the video game industry with PC gaming and the Xbox, it seems that a game live streaming service would be an evident match.

Over the decision, Microsoft said that it is very clear that the time needed to grow and their live streaming community to scale was out of measure.

Microsoft’s head of gaming Phil Spencer said, “We started pretty far behind, in terms of Mixer’s monthly active viewers in comparison to some of the big players out there. Ultimately, the success of Partners and streamers on Mixer is dependent on our ability to scale the service for them as quickly and broadly as possible.”

Spencer added, “When we think about xCloud and the opportunity to unlock gameplay for 2 billion players, we know it’s going be critical that our services find large audiences and Facebook gives us that opportunity,”

Mixer was the service that had kick-started the last year’s trend of signing video game streamers to lucrative exclusivity deals.

However, partners on the streaming platform were not very happy with the announcement. Melissa Howard and Justin Hudspeth, the partners of Mixer who ran a comedy channel named Goldilocks & The Bear said, “We are heartbroken. The way they broke this news so suddenly and casually is perplexing and shocking.”

According to the SensorTower data Mixer has been downloaded around 3.4 million times in the App Store and Google Play this year, showing a 23 percent decrease from last year. In total, Mixer has been downloaded 21 million times globally. However, its competitor Twitch has been installed over 188 million times on mobile devices, with a 115 percent increase in downloads since last year.