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Explore Page Ads On Instagram

Explore Page Ads On Instagram

More ads are going to be added to Instagram. Instagram is going to place ads in the explore page now. The explore page is where a user can go to find things that may be in their interests. Once a user clicks on a post on the explore page and starts scrolling through that feed, that’s where the ads will pop up. The ads will consist of photos and videos. The first ad on the explore page is for IGTV and will go live today.

Susan Buckner Rose, director of business product marketing, said “explore is where people are really open to discovery, and that’s why we’re really excited about this.” She goes on to explain that the explore page is the perfect place for advertisements because people are on that page to discover new things that they don’t know about, so they will be the most receptive to advertisements there.

Ads won’t appear in the actual grid of the explore page, but there is no particular reason why. They may place them there in the future.

Instagram already allows ads in users followed feeds and Instagram stories, so they might get a little annoyed with more advertisements on the platform. Even so, Instagram is an ad-run business, so the more ads the more successful they are. Instagram needs to meet the expectations of the brands they are partnered with.


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