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Apple’s New TV Streaming Service

Apple Suspending Siri Grading Globally

The head of Apple’s streaming efforts, Eddy Cue has been giving sneak peaks into what Apple TV will offer as a streaming service. With an interview with GQ Britain, Cue made it clear that Apple has not given any script notes to producers.

While Apple was just starting to get into TV streaming, a report by The Wall Street Journal came out talking about how executives were unhappy with a show called Vital Signs because it was too violent and would not be able to be published. There has been some tension and division between Apple and their creators. The show runner for Amazing Stories reboot, Bryan Fuller reportedly left the company because of creative differences. Fuller wanted to create a show that was a little on the darker side, comparable to Black Mirror, but Apple is wanting more family-friendly shows.

In response to the rumors that Apple is trying to control their creators Cue said, “there’s never been one note passed from us on scripts, that I can assure you. We leave the folks [alone] who know they’re doing.” Cue explains in another interview with The Sunday Times that Apple is new to this kind of services. He also acknowledges that the company doesn’t have to be first in order to produce high-quality shows. Cue said that their approach is to “find the best people for it” and let them create.

The company doesn’t handle the scripts or give any notes on them, but Apple is geared more towards creating family-friendly shows and their reputation lets creators know that from the beginning. Apple definitely has a wide range of shows that hit all different types of audiences, just more family-friendly than other streaming services.

One big thing that Apple takes pride on is producing quality shows, not as many shows as they can. Netflix seems to be streaming anything they can, like their “Netflix Originals”. Netflix has spent billions of dollars on the originals, trying to rebuild their catalog.

Cue sounds confident in Apple and their work that they have created. He believed they have “the best” shows.


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