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Google Introduces Night Sight Feature on Pixel

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Thanks to Google, people will be able to take better pictures at night or in bad lighting on Pixel phones. With the new Night Sight feature you can say goodbye to bad pictures at night. This new feature will be included in the main list of camera modes, pushing the panorama feature down the list.

Night Sight is taking the left-most mode in place of the panorama feature. Google reported that this already happened with Android Q beta build that was leaked.

The main modes you will be seeing on the Android Q camera, if this decision stays are going to be:

1. Night Sight
2. Portrait
3. Camera
4. Video
5. Others (Panorama, Photo Sphere, Photo Booth, Slow Motion, Time Lapse, Playground, Lens, Settings, etc.)

It would only make sense to make this change after all the advertising for this new Night Sight feature. Google even compared it to the iPhone XS because it doesn’t have an actual night mode for its camera.

Even though this new feature should excite a lot of people, some people will be disappointed with what Google removed from the camera. The ability to adjust white balance is no longer available. The temperature balance feature is not going to be there. Some people are hoping it is a mistake and when the phone gets released it will be on there.


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