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Instagram to roll out pinned comments feature for all users

Instagram to roll out pinned comments feature for all users - Appy Pie

Instagram has started the rollout of its pinned comment feature, which it began testing in May. The feature will allow all users to pin three comments on a post to the top of a thread. The feature has been designed by Instagram to allow the author of a post on the platform to control the tone of the comment thread by highlighting positivity and moderating negative and abusive responses that can be posted below the pinned comments.

Instagram says, “This feature gives people a way to set the tone for their account and engage with their community by pinning a select number of comments to the top of their comments thread.”

The company announced the new feature through Twitter to announce the roll-out of the feature. Instagram tweeted, “Today we’re rolling out pinned comments everywhere. That means you can pin a few comments to the top of your feed post and better manage the conversation.”

To pin a comment, a user will just have to swipe left to reveal the options for reporting, deleting, and replying. But from now, alongside the three options, the users will see a pushpin icon. It will help users prevent conversations from going off on wild tangents.

The user can pin up to three comments at a time, all of which will appear as a Pinned label. If a user tries to pin more than three, he will receive a notification over the limit. But users can easily swap out pinned comments for new ones.

Since May, Instagram has been adding several features to help users manage and remove negative comments on their posts.

Instagram has spent the last few years trying to improve its tools for combating harassment, abuse, and misinformation. Instagram’s comment moderation has improved significantly. The company now has been using artificial intelligence to automatically block offensive comments, and it uses similar AI tools to warn users before they post offensive or harmful captions. The Pinned Comments tool can go a long way in helping celebrities, creators, and businesses on Instagram manage their profiles in a better way.

The app had earlier introduced a feature that can delete up to 25 comments in one go. For iOS users, the option can be accessed from the dotted icon on the top right corner. The Android users need to tap and hold on a comment and then tap on the dotted icon to either block or restrict.

Instagram meanwhile has launched its TikTok-like feature called Reels in India. The company decided to come up with this service after the recent TikTok ban in the country. The platform is also testing a new Shops feature with select users globally to help small businesses and entrepreneurs set up a single online store for customers.