Spotify Launches Spotify Lite for Android in 36 Countries

You can now Share Music from Spotify Directly to SnapChat

Spotify has now launched Spotify Lite for Android in 36 countries. The app has been in beta since last year. Designed to work on weak internet connections, the app’s small size of 10 MB makes it a suitable app for low-end devices that have limited storage or older phones. Spotify Lite is open to both paying and non-paying users. The app has been released for Android devices running version 4.3 or newer. As of now, Spotify doesn’t plan to release the Lite version to iOS.

Spotify Lite comes with an optional limit that can tell you when you are close to hitting that buffer if you get worried about maxing out your data plan. Spotify is claiming that 90 percent of the features of the main app are available in Lite. Non-essential features such as video and cover artist aren’t present in the Lite version.

India is likely to be a key focus as the original version saw an exponential increase in the number of users when the service released there in February. The overall goal of this release is to increase the current user base by focusing on emerging markets or older users. Right now, Spotify currently claims 217 million users, of which 100 million are paying customers.


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