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Say Goodbye to the Nest App for Smartwatches

Google Fined $170 Million for Child Privacy Violations

Google has decided to get rid of the Nest app for both the Apple Watch and their own company’s Wear OS platform. The Nest app let users to easily adjust their home’s thermostat or operating mode from their watch. Now if someone tries to do so, a message saying “Nest is no longer supported on Wear OS”, pops off. Google is instructing people to uninstall the app.

Google said they got rid of this simply because not many people were using it. A Google spokesperson told 9to5Google, “Moving forward our team will spend more time focusing on delivering high quality experiences through mobile apps and voice interactions.”

This isn’t that much of a loss though. People will still be able to do the same thing, and even more, with the Nest app on their mobile devices. People will still get Nest app notifications on their watches. The Wear OS will be able to be controlled through Google Assistant with voice commands.

Google has come to the realization that one of their Wear OS apps isn’t worth the effort. People just were not using it as often as they expected. It made a good smartwatch convenience, but it just wasn’t worth it.


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