Apple Silently Updates Millions of Macs to Prevent Dangerous Webcam Hack

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Through an automated update, Apple has silently shut down a dangerous webcam hacking vulnerability on Macs. The update removed the hidden web server installed by the video application Zoom. The hidden web server was installed as a part of the Zoom’s service. The update was automatic and didn’t require any user action.

Earlier in the week, a security researcher discovered a serious vulnerability with the way in which Zoom is installed on Macs. The hidden web server left millions of systems open to attack. Users could be tricked into joining ghost video calls without realizing by malicious emails, messages or websites. This is essentially hacking webcams.

Initially, users were advised to disable video by default within the Zoom application. Zoom, soon, announced a new uninstall option and then, later, that the web server would be removed. However, Apple has now stepped in to ensure this happens quickly and automatically.


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