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Facebook to launch licensed music videos in the US next month

Facebook to launch licensed music videos in the US next month - Appy Pie

Facebook, the social media giant, will be launching officially-licensed music videos for artists on its platform in the US next month. This step is planned to take on Google-owned YouTube.

In an email sent to Facebook Page owners linked to artists, the social network said that they will need to toggle on a new setting to add their music videos to their page ahead of an August 1 deadline.

 Facebook will automatically create a page of the videos titled ‘Artist Name Official Music’ if there is no action from the artists.  Artists will not need to manually upload their videos or even provide links. By enabling the new setting, artists are giving Facebook permission to add music videos to their Page, where they can be discovered by fans on the Page’s Videos tab. This library will include both the artist’s own official videos and those they’re featured in. Once enabled, the artists are allowed to edit or remove their videos at any time. The setting for automatic sharing can be turned off at any time.

Facebook said that whenever it receives a new release from a music label, the artist’s Facebook Page would automatically share the video directly on the page’s Timeline. This allows the new video to reach all the followers’ News Feeds.

By this move, artists will permit Facebook to share aggregate performance insights with rights holders, including likes, shares, comments, views and other engagement data linked with these auto-generated posts.

Facebook will control this page, via Facebook Watch and a new music video destination on the platform.

Facebook has been in talks with Universal Media Group, Sony Music and Warner Music Group for licensing music videos. Facebook would open a plethora of music videos with these labels onboard.

Currently, YouTube is the leading destination for official music videos.  As per reports, Facebook’s expansion into music videos will act as a big challenge to YouTube, which till date accounted for 46 percent of the world’s music streaming.

 YouTube even claims that over 1 billion music fans came to its site to connect with music from artists. The company also said that it had paid out over USD 3 billion to the music industry in 2019. YouTube currently has nearly 2 billion monthly users and almost 15 per cent of traffic comes from the US.  YouTube has generated USD 15 billion in 2019 and contributed approximately 10 percent to all Google revenue. According to Google, YouTube has more than 20 million subscribers across its Premium (ad-free YouTube) and Music Premium offerings, as well as more than 2 million subscribers to its paid TV service.

Whereas, Facebook has over 2.60 billion monthly active users globally while Instagram reaches over a billion users.


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