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WhatsApp hit by a brief snag, users were unable to send or receive messages

WhatsApp hit by a brief snag, users were unable to send or receive messages - Appy Pie

WhatsApp was down for a brief period and users worldwide and India were unable to send or receive messages. The Facebook-owned app experienced issues for about an hour. The outage affected tens of thousands of users across the globe.

The outage reports appeared from the US, Europe and parts of Asia and other parts of the world. Users not being able to use the app sparked agitation on Twitter and shared their frustration on the social media site.

A site that monitors outages for websites and online services called DownDetecto, began showing complaints WhatsApp was down. In 30 minutes, more than 19,000 users shared their frustration on the site.

The users reported issues like connecting to the platform, along with sending or receiving messages and logging in. Affected users found that WhatsApp was connecting when trying to send a message. The conversations did appear to load, but new messages were not being sent within those chats.

The parent company Facebook’s spokesperson confirmed the outage but didn’t give any details. The spokesperson said, “We are aware that some people are currently having trouble sending messages and we’re working to restore WhatsApp for everyone as quickly as possible.”

The spokesperson further said, “We quickly resolved this issue for everyone and we apologize for any inconvenience.”

Some previous WhatsApp outages have been likely due to problems at Facebook and Instagram because they share infrastructure. But during the snag this time the other services appeared to be functioning as normal.

Unlike other Facebook-owned apps, WhatsApp does not operate a status page to update users and developers on any problems with its service. Due to this, there is no easier way for the company to know whether there is an outage or not and how widespread is the issue.

On June 16, Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram suffered outages in various parts of the world, and Instagram users were not able to post direct messages. WhatsApp also went down on June 19 for millions of users in India and other places with issues in privacy settings as well as last seen online status not working.

First released in 2009, WhatsApp has become a staple platform for chatting with friends and family and. WhatsApp is helping people remain especially during these difficult times of lockdowns due to the Coronavirus pandemic. WhatsApp now has 2 billion users globally and India has over 400 million users


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