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Twitter’s unveils new interface to easily slide into DMs

Twitter’s unveils new interface to easily slide into DMs - Appy Pie

Twitter has unveiled a new interface for its direct messages, allowing users to send and obtain DMs without having to leave their timeline.

Twitter DMs are used to start one-on-one conversations with anyone who follows a user on Twitter. DMs can be sent to people who don’t follow the user only if they have opted in to receive DMs from anyone on the platform or if they have previously Direct Messaged that person.

 Even though now a user has to open up a separate area of Twitter’s web page to glance at his DMs, after the introduction of the new interfaced the user will be equipped to enter them from a pop-up window to the base correct of their timeline.

Users can reply to DMs without clicking away from the timeline. Users can still have access to the full-screen DM interface by clicking on the ‘Messages’ option on the left side of the screen. When users are in full-screen Messages, the mini tab on the corner will go away.

Twitter’s official account announced the rollout of the feature. Twitter made this announcement at the worst possible time, during the worst hack to ever hit the platform.

This appears to be like a decent improvement for the platform’s messaging interface. From Twitter’s video clip, it seems like an identical interface to what the likes of Facebook and LinkedIn at this time offer users for DMs on their platforms.

The new interface for Twitter DMs, which appears to have been in development since April this year, follows the introduction of emoji reactions in January, along with a new DM search feature that came to the iOS app last year. Twitter added that the new feature is rolling out on web.

The company has not made it clear whether all verified users were affected but, if they were, it would have a huge impact on the platform and its users. Verified users include celebrities, journalists, and news agencies as well as governments, politicians, heads of state, and emergency services. Twitter is currently working on the issue and will give out more details soon.

The new collapsible Messages button feature and the minimal DM interface are being rolled out in a phased manner.