Google bans another Chinese App Developer

Google Fined $170 Million for Child Privacy Violations

Google has banned a Chinese developer, CooTek from the Play Store for violating the store’s advertising policies. CooTek is best known for its TouchPal keyboard replacement. CooTek, based in Shanghai, is traded on the New York Stock Exchange and had hundreds of Android apps in the Play Store. The developer no longer has access to Google’s ad platforms and dozens of their apps had been removed altogether.

An investigation from Lookout reported by BuzzFeed showed hundreds of CooTek apps using an invasive adware plugin called BeiTaAd. Initially CooTek said it would remove BeiTaAd, but further investigation from Lookout discovered that many of the updated apps contained separate code that enabled the same ads.

As of now, more than 60 of its apps have been removed from the Play Store. The developer is now completely banned from Google’s lucrative ad platforms. A Google spokesperson said more removals will follow in the Play Store as it continues its enforcement action.


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