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US beat China on App Store downloads for first time since 2014, due to Covid-19 pandemic

US beat China on App Store downloads for first time since 2014, due to Covid-19 pandemic - Appy Pie

The US App Store’s downloads have exceeded China’s downloads for the first time ever since 2014.

As per Sensor Tower’s data Q2 2020 report – the US App Store witnessed 27.4 percent year-over-year growth in the quarter, compared to the 2.1 percent growth for the China App Store. During the quarter, the US App Store generated 2.22 billion new installs compared with China’s 2.06 billion downloads, to regain the top position. The US took over China on App Store with respect to consumer spend, as well.

The US overtook China on installs beginning in April and lasting all the way through June. Covid-19 led to the US witnessing a surge in downloads, as suddenly due to the outbreak of the virus the world was forced to work from home, attend school from home. Not only this, but people have also entertained themselves at home with apps, games, and streaming services.

The Sensor Tower said that the US business and education apps grew significantly in Q2 as a result. These categories made the biggest contribution to the US surpassing China’s app installs.

Getting into details the data reveals that business app downloads were up by 133.3 percent in Q2, followed by education with a growth of 84.4 percent, health & fitness witnessing a 57.7 percent growth, news up by 44.9 percent, and social networking up by 42.4 percent.

Due to the work from home scenario, the video conferencing app Zoom broke the record for App Store installs, with about 94 million downloads in a single quarter. Prior to this, the record was set by TikTok, which in Q1 2020 had witnessed 67 million downloads in just a single quarter.  Sensor Tower even said that to date no other non-game app has ever surpassed 50 million installs in a quarter.

Mobile gaming was also a huge success in the US because people were at home under lockdowns and closures. App Store downloads top mobile games included titles – Save The Girl, Go Knots 3D, Roblox, Münzmeister, Fishdom, Tangle Master 3D, ASMR-cutting, Call of Duty: Mobile and others.

Not only this, Roblox saw an outstanding quarter when the kids at home played online. Roblox’s gaming app saw a new high of 8.6 million downloads in this quarter and it jumped from 11th position in the US in the first quarter of 2020 to 2nd position in the second quarter.

Both Zoom and Rollic Games were the only new top publishers to be in the top 10 in the App Store in the second quarter.

Despite the fact that the US surpassed China in the quarter for the first time in years, the rest of the top five that were Japan, Great Britain, and Russia remained at the same position as last quarter.

Related to the surge of new downloads, the US also surpassed China on consumer spending on the App Store in 2020 second quarter, the US overtook China by 14 percent, or about USD 717 million.

The US also saw a 20 percent increase in spending during the COVID-19 outbreak, showing a significant growth between Q1 and Q2.

The big shift is the impact of the coronavirus pandemic worldwide.


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