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No More Likes on Instagram

Instagram to Remove Influencers' Branded Posts

The number of likes on social media have almost become a sort of competition among people. The craziness to get the maximum number of likes has led people to resort to drastic measures, which have often led to disastrous results. To reduce this culture, Instagram has chosen to hide the number of likes.

The social media brand started testing the design change a few months back. You would still be able see who liked your photos and videos, but you won’t be able to see the number on other people’s videos. Initially it was just released in Canada, starting today Instagram has rolled it out to users in six more countries:

• Ireland
• Italy
• Japan
• Brazil
• Australia
• New Zealand

As to why hide likes, Instagram says it’s because they want your followers to focus on the photos and videos your share, not how many likes they get. Instagram wants people to not look at the number of likes as a success metric.


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