Google Announces New Features For Wear OS From Play Store

Google announced improvements in Play Store policies to helps customers discovering and downloading apps to their Wear OS devices. ‘Wear OS by Google Smartwatch’ app syncs users’ smartwatch and mobile phones to get maximum out of the watch.

Majorly ‘search’ option has been made more efficient with new filters. Google introduced a few keywords like “Watch” or “Watch faces” which can be added to narrow search results. Also, new clusters on the “Wear OS” and “Watch Faces for Wear OS” category pages were curated so that uses can easily browse for a popular app for their needs.

Google is working towards creating an environment to highlight the essential wrist apps in the specific category of Wear OS and Watchfaces sections of the Play Store. It redefines the Play Store experience for smartwatch users by simplifying the filters and categories.

Google remarks that it aims “based on the principles of Material You” for Wear OS users. It allows users to quickly and directly download the apps on the wristwatch from the phone’s Play Store. They can start downloading apps to their Wear OS device with a single tap. Further, Google offers additional advantages to some devices by listing them to the default list of pre-selected compatible devices.

Smartwatch users will experience an all-new look of Play Store as per the announcement made by Google. The new design streamlines the navigating experience of the small surface area of watch faces. To make users comfortable reading the list of apps and choosing the one they want to download, Google placed important information in cards.

Wear OS is already making the space in headlines as it helps users get proactive help from Google Assistant, track users’ health and fitness, and stay connected with every app installed on their smartphones. It further offers a personalized experience as it allows users to customize the outlook of their smartwatch as per their choice.

The new improvements made by Google lets Wear OS users make prompt in-app purchases both from Android smartphones and web browsers. All the updates mentioned are still in the rolling stage and would be declared by Google in the coming weeks.

In June 2021, Google and Samsung shook hands to completely redefine the Wear OS with Fitbit to handle a new health and fitness experience. They declared that Wear OS would be used on devices manufactured by Samsung, and Fitbit will launch Wear OS Smartwatch. Both of them decided to launch new and better apps for Wear OS.


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