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Snapchat rolls out the first of its Mini apps

Snapchat rolls out the first of its Mini apps - Appy Pie

Snapchat has rolled out first of its new Mini applications, with tools from meditation app Headspace. This initiative has been taken by the company to help support the mental health and emotional wellbeing of Snapchat users. The new experience will enable users to engage in a guided meditation with friends, direct from the chat screen.

The first Snapchat Mini will be going live soon with its new mindfulness and meditation tool, with Headspace.  The Headspace Mini is one of four minis launching this week. The others three are – Let’s Do It, which will let groups make decisions together, Prediction Master from Mammoth Media, which will serve timely questions on everything from the Stock Market to sneaker drops, so that users are able to see which of their friends is the true psychic, and Flashcards by Tembo, to create study aids.

The company announced last month that it was launching Minis at its virtual Partner Summit. The Minis are miniature apps made by third-party developers that run inside Snapchat to create more social experiences among friends. The minis are built using HTML.

Snapchat Minis provide new means for app developers to reach Snap’s audience easily, providing enclosed experiences within the app. This means that rather than prompting users to download their own apps, small businesses can imitate similar experiences in these mini-versions.

Users will be allowed to access the Mini in chat by clicking on the rocket icon at the bottom of the screen, which initiates a Headspace session within Snapchat that the people they are chatting with can also click to join. Once a user clicks into a session, there are six three-to-four minute meditations to choose from – Just Breathe, Kick the panic, Be nice to you, Pressure to succeed, Get out of a funk,  and Me time.

Once a user enters the session with a friend, he will be able to see that they are participating throughout, with their Bitmoji character visible at the bottom left of the screen.

As per the analysis and research by the company, it shows that feelings of depression, hysteria, stress, anxiety, different mental health challenges, and psychological well-being challenges are excessive in users and it found that they more likely want to look for their friends first when coping with these feelings and emotions.

A spokesperson said via mail, “By placing these helpful assets entrance, we consider Snapchat can play a novel position in empowering buddies to assist one another on tough occasions.”

Another spokesperson said, “This research helped inform how we designed this Headspace mini. We are putting resources front and center where Snapchatters already talk to their close friends, and we hope this new feature will provide a safe space for friends to practice mindfulness, and be able to send encouraging messages to positively boost friends in need.”

Snapchat’s audience is one of the youngest on social media. Snapchat has a 90 percent audience of 3-34-year-olds.  Snapchat even rolled out a Here For You search tool in March to help users feeling anxious over the pandemic spread. The company says, that they helped by surfacing safety resources from mental health experts when users search for topics like anxiety, depression, or suicide.


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