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Instagram Introduces New Policy

Instagram to Remove Influencers' Branded Posts

Instagram’s new moderation policy will now send alerts to people whose accounts are close to being deleted. People who violate the rules will be sent alerts.

Instagram will include all of the comments, posts, and stories that they had to take down in the warning alerts. They will also explain why they had to delete them from their account. Instagram quotes, “If you post something that goes against our guidelines again, your account may be deleted.”

Instead of having to appeal the moderation decisions by going to Instagram’s help page on their website, users will be able to appeal it directly through the alert. The appeals will only be restricted to some types of content, but Instagram plans on expanding the types of content in the near future.

Instead of immediately deleting accounts, which leads to very shocked and angry users, the alerts will be able to make it clear to users the guidelines of Instagram. Accounts have been deleted because of obvious violations, but Instagram has had problems with moderation with nudity and sexuality, where posts have been removed because of breastfeeding or period blood, which both are allowed. The new policy won’t prevent these mistakes from happening but the appeal process will be a whole lot easier.

Instagram will also be granting its moderating team with more leeway to ban bad actors. Instagram will now be banning people who continuously violate the rules within a certain time period. Instagram is not giving out much more details about this new policy because they don’t want bad actors to find loopholes. Hopefully this new policy will improve Instagram.


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