AWS Gets a Chatbot

AWS Gets a Chatbot

Amazon’s cloud computing subsidiary, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced the beta launch of AWS Chatbot. The bot will inform you of any issues with your AWS resources. It is a surprise that AWS hadn’t released this service before, as it has long offered all of the tools to build chatbots.

The bot hooks into the Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS), which in turn allows you to integrate it with other AWS services including Amazon CloudWatch, AWS Health, Budgets, Security Hub, GuardDuty and CloudFormation. That’s not all of the AWS services, it also covers most of the bases for companies need for their AWS deployments.

It can take some work to get everything set up for the AWS chatbot to work. You can get alerts to Slack, but at least in the beta, you can’t push any commands back to AWS. You can expect more functionality to be added for the final release.


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