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Github Blocks Developers in Iran, Syria and Crimea

GitHub Actions Gets Continuous Integration and Delivery Capabilities

US trade restrictions have affected most of the industries. Now it’s starting to affect the developer community as well. The world’s largest host of source code, Github is preventing users in Iran, Syria, Crimea and potentially other sanctioned nation from accessing several portions of their service. This confirmation comes a few months after work collaboration service Slack, too, enforced similar restrictions.

GitHub CEO Nat Friedman wrote on Twitter: “It is painful for me to hear how trade restrictions have hurt people. GitHub is subject to US trade law, just like any company that does business in the US. To comply with US sanctions, we unfortunately had to implement new restrictions on private repos and paid accounts in Iran, Syria, and Crimea. Public repos remain available to developers everywhere – open source repos are NOT affected.”

The new restrictions will prevent users in sanctioned countries from accessing private repositories and GitHub Marketplace, as well as maintaining private paid organization accounts. The restrictions are imposed based on a user’s location by tracking their IP address and payment history instead of validating their nationality and ethnicity.


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