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Ninja Leaving Twitch for Microsoft’s Mixer

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One of the biggest streamers in the world, Tyler Blevins aka “Ninja” announced that he would be leaving Twitch for Microsoft’s Mixer. Twitch is currently the biggest video game streaming platform on the internet, claiming 72% of all hours watched. By comparison, Mixer owns only 3%, which is approximately 112 million viewership hours.

Mixer is owned by Microsoft following an acquisition in 2016, back when Mixer was called Beam. Beam won the Disrupt NY Battlefield competition in 2016. Surprisingly, Twitch has also taken away Ninja’s partnered check mark, the Twitch equivalent of a verified blue tick.

The announcement wasn’t specific on the reasons why the streamer would be leaving Twitch. It’s possible and highly likely that Mixer offered the streaming star an enormous amount of money to make the move. It could mark the beginning of a new wave of payouts for mega streaming stars.


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