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Apple Rolling Out Apple Card Preview

Major Warning issued to Apple Users

A limited number of customers who signed up to be notified about the release of Apple Card will be getting the ability to apply for Apple card in their Wallet app today. They will also get the option to order the physical Apple card. A full rollout of Apple Card will come later in August. It requires iOS 12.4 and up to date operating system. The cards will be issued in partnership with Goldman Sachs.

The card on the screen has a clever mechanism that gives you a kind of live heat map of your spending categories. The color of the card will shift and blend according to the kinds of things you buy. The signup process involves entering your address, birthday, income level, and last four digits of your social security number.

Apple says the Apple Card is not meant to directly compete with premium cards and the goal is to be broadly accessible to every iPhone owner. Once you’ve been approved, your new card will show up in your Apple Wallet immediately and be available for use.


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