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Microsoft reshuffling parts of its Windows team

Microsoft reshuffling parts of its Windows team - Appy Pie

Microsoft is making some substantial modifications to the method it runs its Windows Company, indicating a renewed focus on the OS that made its name.

The Company had selected Surface chief Panos Panay in charge of Windows earlier this year, and it is now reshuffling parts of that team.

This came after Microsoft’s decision to divide the Windows team into two parts more than two years ago after the departure of former Windows chief Terry Myerson.

Microsoft even moved core Windows development to AI team and cloud, and the company even created a new group to work on Windows 10 experiences – apps, the Start menu, and new features.

Presently Microsoft has decided to move parts of Windows development back under Surface chief Panos Panay’s control. Now the Windows fundamentals and developer experience teams have been returned to what the company initially called the Windows team.

Although some core parts of Windows, particularly the engineering side, will stay with the Azure division.

Microsoft’s reshuffle is emphasized on cleaning up Windows to ship and update it reliably. The changes will also affect Microsoft’s Project Reunion app work, bringing win32 and UWP apps closer together, with the Windows team.

The company’s team under Panay will still work in collaboration with the core engineering side of Windows under Azure. Panay said, “Innovation and success are only possible through close collaboration with other teams across Microsoft.”

Microsoft’s focus on growing Windows and Surface is a good sign for Windows users. Microsoft’s Surface business continues to grow in terms of revenue, and there are indications that businesses are adopting the company’s PCs. An emphasis on Windows and Surface should hopefully allow Microsoft to deliver on its promises for a better combination of hardware and software.

Microsoft has been working towards better design changes for years by learning from its past mistakes. With Panay taking more responsibility for Windows, let’s hope to see more consistency with Microsoft’s Fluent Design system across the OS and more reliability with the company’s monthly and yearly Windows updates.


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