8Chan Crashes After Voxility Discontinues its Services

8Chan Crashes After Voxility Discontinues its Services

8chan, an internet hate forum, has gone down after Voxility, a leading web services company, banned the site. Voxility also banned 8chan’s new host Epik that had been leasing web space from it. Epik joined hands with 8chan today after Cloudflare, the web services giant, cut off its service when they found 8chan’s connection with the latest three mass shootings.

As noted by Stanford researcher Alex Stamos, Epik seemed to lease servers from Voxility. When Voxility discovered it, they immediately banned the site. Although users can access Epik’s website, but 8chan, which was available earlier this morning, now displays an error message.

A representative from Voxility stated, “As soon as we were notified of the content that Epik was hosting, we made the decision to totally ban them. This is the second situation we’ve had with the reseller and this is not tolerable. It is unlikely that Voxility would work with Epik again.”


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