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Apple Will Remind You to Delete Subscriptions

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When deleting an app, Apple will now remind you to delete your subscription to that app, if you have one. The warning message will say “Do you want to keep the subscription for this app?”, and then will provide you with a link to manage your subscriptions. Federico Viticci, MacStories editor, first spotted this new feature.

Apple is smart to add this warning for their customers. The App Store has a ton of so called “free apps” that will somehow get money out of gullible users by using various shady tactics. One of these tactics is convincing users to sign up for a subscription, but with unclear terms. They will then hope that customers will forget to unsubscribe or the payment will go unnoticed by the user. It is common sense that if a user is deleting an app, they no long want the subscription to that app as well but deleting an app will not delete the subscription too. Apple adding this new reminder to delete the subscription as well is very convenient and thoughtful.

Apple has been trying to make payments and subscriptions to apps as clear as possible, this is the latest attempt to do so. This past year Apple changed its guidelines for the App Store to say that developers need to be 100% clear about subscriptions and their costs. There is an extra confirmation step that has been added to sign-ups.


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