Scribd acquires SlideShare from LinkedIn

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Microsoft-owned LinkedIn has announced the acquisition of Slideshare, its platform for professional presentations and other content, by digital library company Scribd.

LinkedIn is selling the service SlideShare to Scribd. However, the terms of the deal remain undisclosed. Slideshare and its archive of content will officially become part of Scribd. Existing SlideShare presentations and activity will remain on and on the SlideShare mobile app. Scribd’s existing team will now be managing Slideshare as well.

LinkedIn announced through a blog post, “We’re excited to announce that SlideShare and Scribd have now come together to offer millions of users around the world great content to fuel their curiosity and learning.”

In addition to the archival content of Slideshare, Scribd is even taking over its 100 million users, and also as its presentation upload and hosting tools. As per LinkedIn, Scribd will begin operating the Slideshare business on September 24.

LinkedIn said in an official statement, “On September 24, Scribd will begin operating the Slideshare business, its 100 million users, along with its presentation upload and hosting tools, and tremendous archive of presentations and documents.”

SlideShare was launched in 2006 and has been a part of LinkedIn since 2012 and LinkedIn itself acquired by Microsoft in 2016. Its services include allowing users to upload and share presentations, infographics, documents, etc. Over time, the companies diverged even further.

Scribd co-founder and CEO Trip Adler has remarked that the two companies have very similar roots, as both launched in 2006/2007 and both them focused on content- and document-sharing.

Though both platforms had similar roots, Slideshare and Scribd, however, have diverged into different directions as businesses.

Adler added. “The difference was, SlideShare focused on more on PowerPoint presentations and business users, while Scribd focused more on PDFs and Word docs and long-form written content, more on the more general consumer.”

Scribd presently has a digital library of published ebooks, audiobooks, podcasts, sheet music, and magazines, alongside over 100 million documents uploaded from the community whereas the company Slideshare is focused on presentations and professional content.

Scribd said in its blog post, “Our acquisition of SlideShare is a major step towards creating the world’s largest digital library.”

Trip Adler CEO of Scribd added, “Scribd has accumulated a unique collection of user-generated and professional content that we make available to our readers via personalized recommendations, and the addition of presentations from the SlideShare community advances our vision. It allows us to continue diversifying our offering while driving even more readers to the books, audiobooks, magazines, and other professionally published works in our digital library.”