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Major Warning issued to Apple Users

Major Warning issued to Apple Users

A security firm named Check Point has revealed that they have found a way to hack each and every iOS device that runs on iOS 8 all the way up to the unreleased iOS 13. Apple CEO Tim Cook claimed that there are 1.4 billion iPhone and iPad users over the world. The hack covers up eight years of iOS devices which starts from the 2011 iPhone 4S. This means that almost every iOS user is at risk.

Check Point stated that the iOS Contacts app can be exploited using the basic SQLite database. Any search of contacts can trick the iPhone or iPad into running a malicious code that can steal user’s data and passwords. This is a known bug that Apple has failed to address for four years.

This feature was only considered vulnerable in the context of a program that allows arbitrary SQL code from an untrusted source and so it was handled accordingly. However, SQLite’s usage has become so versatile that it can still trigger in many scenarios.


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