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YouTube Changing its Handling of Copyright Claims

Tech CEOs Join Hands with major YouTubers to help Save the Environment

After many years of complaints from creators, YouTube is finally changing how it will handle copyright claims. The handling of copyright claims by YouTube has been long criticized for being unfair to the creators. The change will be regarding claims around brief or unintentional clips of music. However, YouTube warns that the changes could lead to more videos being blocked entirely.

Earlier record labels used to claim copyrights on their videos even when snippets of music appear momentarily in the background, like from the radio of a car passing by. YouTube’s new rules won’t stop these claims from happening, but they remove a key incentive for copyright holders: monetization.

Now when a claim is filed, rights holders will no longer be allowed to earn money from ads placed on the video. Instead, they’ll have to choose between leaving the video up and blocking the creator from making money, or blocking the video entirely. These new rules apply to audio copyright claims only, so short clips of videos aren’t covered.


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