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Camera on Apple Watch?

Apple Suspending Siri Grading Globally

AppleInsider found a patent that shows a camera on the Apple Watch. The camera would be placed on the band of the Apple Watch. You wouldn’t have to twist your wrist or arms in weird uncomfortable angles to get the photograph you wanted, because you could just adjust the strap in the way you need.

To take a picture of something that is in front of you, you just need to pull the strap upward. If you want to take a picture of yourself, just fold it back. One part of the patent showed how the camera could swivel, or have two cameras in “opposing optical directions.” People would capture the image by pinching the band or by voice commands. You can just tuck the camera out of your way when not using it.

Although some people may think this is a cool idea, the photography options would be very limited. There have been rumors before about this camera on the Apple Watch before. But this patent was applied for by Apple in September of 2016, when the Apple Watch Series 2 came out. There have been two more generations of Apple watches since this release, both without a camera. It has been a while, and still no camera, but it can still happen, just don’t hold your breathe.


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