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Spotify Providing More Parental Control for Family Accounts

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Spotify announced that it will be providing more parental control for family accounts. The family plan consists of six accounts which costs 15$. The feature has been requested by the users from some time now. Under this new feature, the primary account holder will be able to toggle the explicit content filter for any of their sub-accounts.

Once the feature is on, the other sub-accounts won’t be able to turn the feature off without the primary account holder’s help. Spotify has had an explicit content filter but it was just a toggle the user could flip on and off for themselves. However, it was not something that parents could set on their kid’s accounts.

Along with the parental control feature, Spotify will also release a feature called, “family mix”. This feature will introduce a custom generated playlist composed of tracks that Spotify thinks everyone in the family will be into. Spotify said the new family features are rolling out in Ireland first, and it’ll roll out everywhere else where they offer family plans shortly thereafter.


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