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YouTube Sues Copyright Troll over Extortion of Creators

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YouTube is suing copyright troll, Christopher Brady, for using YouTube’s copyright claim system to extort money from creators. The platform is using Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s (DMCA) provision to go after Brady. The suit concerns fraudulent takedown claims, seeking compensatory damages and an injunction against future fraudulent claims.

The lawsuit alleges that Brady sent multiple complaints claiming that a couple of Minecraft gaming YouTubers infringed on his copyrighted materials in January. The YouTubers include “ObbyRaidz” and “Kenzo”, their real names were not included in the lawsuit. YouTube has removed the videos that Brady claimed infringed upon his copyrighted material as this is standard procedure for the company whenever a claim is submitted.

According to the lawsuit, ObbyRaidz was sent a message by Brady that stated if the YouTuber didn’t pay Brady $150 via PayPal (or $75 in bitcoin), he would issue a third copyright strike. This would mean that the ObbyRaidz channel would be terminated and all of his videos removed from the platform. Kenzo was sent a similar message, but Brady requested $300.

In a video, ObbyRaidz spoke about the situation and noted that he made multiple attempts to get in touch with someone at YouTube but didn’t make any progress. According to the lawsuit, it wasn’t until Kenzo and ObbyRaidz spoke about the alleged extortion on their individual YouTube channels that YouTube’s team learned about the issue.


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