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Reddit Testing Live Streaming Tool

Reddit will now Let iOS Users Share Content to Snapchat

Reddit is testing out its first live broadcasting tool. The tool is being called “Reddit Public Access Network”. The website will let eligible users’ to live-stream to a new subreddit called r/pan. If successful, the feature could help Reddit take on other platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

Users who want to watch the live streams can just do so directly from the subreddit. Top streams will appear on the front page of the feature throughout the testing period of 5 days. Users will also be able to upvote and downvote on their streams, similar to usual posts, which will dictate what appears on the homepage.

However, not every user will be able to stream. The company has even created additional policies specifically for people using the new feature. There are some obvious rules set for the live streams such as no pornography, or illegal or dangerous behavior, etc. The new policies also state that if the content of the stream would normally trigger a quarantine on the site (a term used by Reddit to mean restricted or hidden), it shouldn’t appear on stream.

Streaming will only be allowed between 9AM and 5PM PT during the five-day test. This will allow the company to have dedicated employees ready to tackle moderation issues that spring up or concerns from viewers. The test run for Reddit’s Public Access Network will take place starting August 19th through August 23rd.


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